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What are my PacInfo e-mail account settings?
How can I access my e-mail while I'm out of town?
Why is my account name and password pair being rejected?
What are PacInfo E-mail Services?
How do I access my PacInfo Email Service account?
What is e-mail aliasing and how can it benefit me?
I use Outlook 2002. Why can't I get attachments from some people?
What are my PacInfo email account settings?
In order to access e-mail from your PacInfo e-mail account, you are required to provide incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) server information. This information is as follows:
Incoming mail (POP3):
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
In addition, you are required to provide an Incoming mail server account name and password. Your account name is the unique name you were assigned when you signed up for service. If you don't remeber, it is the text preceding the '@' symbol in you e-mail address. For example, if your e-mail address is then your account name would be 'johnsmith'.

How can I access my email while I'm out of town?
If you have access to the Internet, you have access to your e-mail. You can access your e-mail account via PacInfo's webmail service. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to our website (
2. Click on 'Surf the Web!' (lower left hand corner of the screen)
3. Choose 'e-mail access' from the list of options
4. Enter your account name and password for your PacInfo account
5. When finished, click 'Logout'. It's really that simple!
Why is my account name and password pair being rejected?
There are several reasons why you may be unable to login to PacInfo. Check the following possibilities:

Account login information is case sensitive. This means you must type in your account information EXACTLY as it appears in our system. For example, if your account name is JoEdEE, you want to type JoEdEE and not joedee. The same goes for passwords (use upper and lower case exactly as you specified at set up). Sometimes it is difficult to tell if your password is incorrect since it appears as a series of asterisks (********). Try re-typing the passowrd to be sure it is correct.

Your dialup account is for Individual access. This means you cannot login on two or more computers simultaneously using the same account. Contact us about additional login account discounts for same household or business accounts.
If you lost a connection while downloading e-mail, you may have a large e-mail message in your mailbox that is bogging down the server. Try waiting 15 minutes before attempting to login again.

What are PacInfo Email Services?
PacInfo, in partner ship with Postini®, now offers virus protection and spam filtering service to our customers.

The Virus Protection Service, included with your PacInfo e-mail account, scans incoming e-mail for viruses at the server. This means that all e-mail messages sent to you are scanned for potetial viruses BEFORE being forwarded to your e-mailbox on our server. If a virus is detected, it will be quarantined on the server rather than available for download to your personal computer. You can still view the message (if any) over the Internet by logging onto your virus protection account.
The Spam Filtering Service available through PacInfo is an extra service for blocking unwanted junk mail. You can set up filter categories to quarantine spam on the server so it will not download to your personal computer. Postini will periodically inform you via e-mail of junk mail that has been quarantined. The spam filtering service is not included with your PacInfo e-mail account and will incur an additional monthly fee.
For more information about the Postini Virus Protection or Junk Mail Filter services offered by PacInfo, click here.

How do I access my Pacinfo Email Service account?
You can access your Postini account anytime by following these simple steps:

1. Go to our Homepage.
2. Click on the Message Control Center - Login button (top right hand corner of screen).
3. Enter your e-amil address and password pair in the input boxes provided (bottom of page).
4. Click Login.

For more information about how to use the Postini Virus Protection or Junk Mail Filter services, click here.
What is email aliasing and how can it benefit me?
E-mail aliasing takes advantage of a virtual mail server by allowing you to assign virtual e-mail addresses that point to your physical e-mailbox. For example, say you have a company called My Widgets with a domain of Additionally, let's assume you have an e-mail address of You could set up an alias of that would point to the e-mailbox. All e-mail messages sent to would be directed to the physical location of the mailbox.
For more information about e-mail aliasing or to get your own set of e-mail aliases, contact PacInfo Customer Service: 541.344.5006

I use Outlook 2002. Why can't I get attachments from some people?
Outlook has one or more bugs in it that cause problems with attachments. You can fix it by installing the latest service pack for Office/Outlook.

Click here to see an article that describes one of those problems.

Click here to go to Microsoft Office Update to download the Service Pack updates.

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