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Individual PC Support

Currently we offer two levels of managed support for consumer clients. Each offer is a managed solution for anti-virus protection, spyware protection, malware protection, and PC Health reporting, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. And with PacInfo's Silver Support Service, we make sure the system is up to date with security patches and working properly, and if you should be infected with a virus, spyware or malware or we will correct the issue on our dime. When there is a problem, PacInfo can often check it and/or fix it remotely so you don't need to bring the computer into the shop or pay for an expensive house call.

PacInfo can also do computer repairs if your computer's hardware is not working properly.

PacInfo Support Services BASIC ANTIVIRUS
Managed Anti-Virus X X
Managed Anti-Spyware X X
Monthly System Health Report X X
Lost Computer Recovery Services X X
10 gigabytes of Off Site Backup   X
Managed Microsoft Updates   X
24x7x365 Workstation Health Monitoring   X
E-Mail Support (Unlimited, 24hr turn around)   X
Free In-Store Diagnostics and Estimates   X
Virus Removal $40.00 Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have Anti-Virus and Spyware protection why do I need this service?

A: If you are using a free antivirus progam, generally they are not as capable as the paid version of protection. Also, some antivirus programs use a lot of your computer resources which slow your computer down leaving you with a slow computer. The Antivirus we provide is the business version of NOD32 made by ESET. It won't slow your computer down like some others do, and was able to catch 100% of the viruses in VB100's tests. Depending on the level of service, PacInfo Support will either provide cleanup for a discounted price or with the Sliver service guarantees you will NOT get a virus and if you do, we will repair your system on our dime!

Q: If I get a virus will I lose all my data?

A: Usually your data is still intact on the hard drive but sometimes it is just hidden from view. PacInfo intends to just removes the virus and takes great pains to leave your computer's data in the same state it was before becoming infected. However, it is always a good idea to have a backup.

Q: I don't use PacInfo as my ISP. Can I still get this service?

A: As long as you have a good Internet connection, we can support you. Most Internet Service Providers only support their services such as DSL, Cable or Wireless Internet and will not support general problems with your computer. PacInfo Support will fully support you. We provide support for ISP's, all Microsoft products, installation support of hardware and software.

Q: What is Lost Computer Recovery?

A: If your computer is lost or stolen, and it is connected to the Internet, then we would be able to know what IP address they are connected at, and possibly determine where the computer is located. it is not fool proof in that the thief can format the computer before making an Internet connection, but it is just one more safety feature that may help.

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